This project was developed on the Design in a Social Cultural Context course of my first year at the Design Masters. In collaboration with my classmates Philippa and Ina, we chose the island of Asperö, in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, as a context site to work with. After several drifting sessions and research we noticed the barnacles were a big concern to the humans living there - the sea tulips take place everywhere and attach into any surface under the water. This frustration of the human inhabitants on the island about the lack of control of nature lead us to a nonhuman centred project, where we put ourselves in nature shoes and wrote postcards with poems to express this journey, which ended up on a publication.

To provoque the encounter with the human and the non-human, we decided to let nature design it, to take place as it would want to. We built then an structure with different kind of materials (steel, transparent acrylic, opaque acrylic, nylon fabric, perforated steel, oak wood, brass and copper) - an installation piece as a way to learn how nature would behave on different surfaces, testing the adaptation of barnacles for future development. We sank it on Asperö’s beach and on October 18th we removed it. This project was part of the seminar Design and Posthumanism at 2018 edition of the Göteborg Design Festival, in HDK.