In 2016 I started to carve rubber and make stamps. Created then the HOW Project, (Hints Of Wellness) and its goal was to input positive insights into people’s routine by sending letter and urban intervention. This project happened in Porto Alegre, Brazil.



Since I was producing a lot and found a lot of interest from my friends, I decided to donate all the compositions. I posted pictures of the gravures on my Facebook wall and, whoever wanted to have one at their place, should just give me the address to send. Sixty nine letters were sent to 8 different countries and 17 different cities.

Each letter was made of the chosen gravure, a sticker and a hand written letter.

All shipping costs were absorbed by me.

I mapped the letter around the word and attached a screen shot of the person’s reaction on social media.

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One day I heard: “everything that happens is good”. That hit me pretty hard and I started using it as a mantra. I did my best to disseminate that positive message, so I carved a stamp with this quote.

I made some stickers with it and sticked them around Porto Alegre, the city I was living in. It became a viral.